TOPIK 2012

We are providing all the details about the TOPIK (Test of proficiency in Korean) test schedule in year 2012. As usual, TOPIK will be held four times in year 2012:- 25th TOPIK, 26th TOPIK, 27th TOPIK and 28th TOPIK. For other details on this test like Test structure, application process etc. you can read this post:TOPIK – The Complete Guide

TOPIK 2012 Exam Dates

Exam Korea The Americas, Europe, Africa Asia.Central Asia, Austrailia Remarks
25th Exam 1.29(Sun) Korea Only
26th Exam 4.15(Sun) 4.14(Sat) 4.15(Sun)
27th Exam 7.22(Sun) Korea only
28th Exam 10.28(Sun) 10.27(Sat) 10.28(Sun)

TOPIK 2012 Application Dates(Korean dates)

Exam Date How to apply Remarks
25th Exam ‘11.12.10(Sat) ~
· Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea Only
6th Exam ‘12.02.01(Wed) ~ 02.14(Tue) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
27th Exam ‘12.06.12(Tue) ~ 06.25(Mon) · Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea only
28th Exam ‘12.08.07(Tue) ~ 08.20(Mon) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
**Date may be different for application from overseas. Please check with the nation’s affiliated institution.

 TOPIK 2012 Test Timings

Difficulty 1st half 2nd half Remarks
Beginner 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
  • Morning(Beginner, Advanced)
  • Afternoon (Intermediate))
Intermediate 14:00~15:30(90min) 16:00~17:30(90min)
Advanced 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
**1st and 2nd half will be combined to single test in China

– Beginner.Advanced: 09:00 ~ 12:00
– Intermediate: 14:00 ~ 17:00

TOPIK 2012 Test Result Announcement Dates

Test number 25th Exam 26th Exam 27th Exam 28th Exam
Announcement date ‘12.02.10(Fri) ‘12.06.04(Mon) ‘12.08.03(Fri) ‘12.12.11(Tue)
**Announcement will be at 15:00 on the above dates on the exam website (
For further details you can contact Korean Embassy in your country or visit the official TOPIK website:

******TOPIK GUIDE wishes you ALL THE BEST******


  1. Anna says

    Hi. I missed the deadline for the last TOPIK test of this war because I was abroad during the registration period. When is the first TOPIK test of 2013 please? I just want to know what date to aim for.

  2. Anonymous says

    do you have an idea when will be the next schedule of TOPIK exam here in the Philippines? Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says

    when is the next exam in the philippines….i did not manage to get registered on the deadline that they implemented….

  4. says

    @Anonymous You can take whichever level you want.. there is no such rule…
    @Anonymous You can take Beg. and Int the same day… there is a big gap between the difficulty levels of beg and int… I would suggest you to go through previous papers first to get an idea…

  5. Anonymous says

    Has anyone tried taking two tests in one day? I feel I am probably around level 2 or 3, so I was thinking of doing beg. and int. How difficult is it?

  6. Anonymous says

    Heard a rumour that one can only take the advanced test if he/she has taken the beginner and intermediate? This is false, right? I’ve never taken the TOPIK, and I want to take the advanced one the first time.

  7. says

    There is no centre of Korean language in Pune as far as I know.. You will have to contact Korean Embassy in Delhi and register there.. You can sit in the exam either in Delhi or Chennai

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